Can work environment influence success of your business?

Are you embarking on a new business venture, already have a big idea and a motivated team? If it is the case, only one important questions remains: where will you work? Many startup entrepreneurs greatly underestimate the impact of location and work environment it has on business success. Most experienced executives agree: business environment is critical in determining the success or failure of a business.

So what to consider when looking for an office for rent?

First thing to consider is the amount of space needed. You should have a separate space for daily work, business meetings and relaxation. A thriving business is built in an attractive, busy and accessible area. Carefully observe these aspects and also take into consideration several accessibility options: car accessibility, car parking as well as public transportation.

Choose premises in which you feel comfortable so you can easily focus on your main goals and assignments. In addition to it, heating, internet connectivity and speed, interior decoration or security system can all become a source of distraction from you work. It is highly recommended to look for energy-efficient, well insulated, stylish and comfortable rooms with high quality security system and fast Wi-Fi.

Find yourself located in the center of the biggest growth. Choose the premises in a busy area for easy accessibility and high visibility. Take the full advantage of being next to your potential customers and business partners.

How to find suitable business premises in Kaunas? Particularly in Kaunas it is necessary to take into account the flow of traffic within different areas. The highest urban and business intensity is felt in the city centre, Savanorių pr., Kalniečių and Dainavos districts.

Business Center PRAMONĖS 4 in Kaunas is located in the epicentre of the urban and business flow and for this reason serves as an ideal place for your business. The Business Center offers comfortable ways to develop your business. Fully- equipped and customisable premises for rent in Kaunas includes Wi-Fi, large parking lot, bicycle storage area and modern security system. All of this will ensure your peace of mind so you can dedicate all your efforts to achieving most in your business activities.

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