Your business plan is ready, the list of prospects is growing, ideas are being developed… So, it’s about time to find a room for realising those ideas. Where to start and how to find the most suitable place to work?

Firstly, one should answer the following few questions:

What is our budget? If your budget is high, you can allow yourself not only to rent space, but also to buy your own commercial premises. However, if your budget isn’t that massive or your look for other solutions, then renting a property is the best option to go with. It does not require large financial contributions in order to afford a work space for rent. Monthly, stable and budget-based rentals do not hamper your business, but allow you to move forward.

What are our needs? Whatever your budget is, you and your business need a cozy representative office with a meeting room, and free car parking. A security system, Wi-Fi, recreational area and other advantages of rented premises should be well considered. If your needs are high, then you may want to look at the offices for rent at PRAMONĖS 4 in Kaunas. The office rentals at this Business Center provide all the mentioned advantages plus excellent location.

What is our target group? By clearly defining who is your customer, you can better understand what is the best place for your business. Do you want to be surrounded by other businessmen in a cluster or, on the contrary, to find a separate niche? Consider which part of the city you find most useful for settling in. Remember that your office must be easily accessible by car or public transport.

By answering the questions above, you can get a pretty clear picture of the office you should have. The best offices for rent are mainly provided by Business Centers. Business Center representatives are well informed about the local market and can offer you the most optimal solutions. What’s more, you no longer have to worry about anything – administrators deal with technical maintenance, fulfill your individual needs, take care of security and other important elements that usually require a lot of time to be set on their own. Instead, you could devote all this time to work and business development.