Finding home for your business operations is a big task. Your company space is the place where you do daily work and also develop business ideas. A good working environment inspires you to achieve more. How not to make a mistake and choose the quality work space?

Location should be the primary search indicator. It is also one of the most important aspects of business success. First and foremost, attention should be paid to where the highest flow of potential customers are. The most popular premises for rent in Kaunas are located in the city center, as well as in Savanorių pr., Dainava and other nearby regions. It is very important that the place where the business is planned is clearly visible and easily accessible from anywhere in the city.

Next, it is also crucial to choose the premises that correspond to your budget. Premises that are too expensive do not allow businesses to get up and slow down growth, so it is a good idea to choose a solution that suits both: your needs and your financial capability. As the business grows and budget increases, more space can be added as well as more benefits. Another important advise on how to find the right premises is to go clearly through terms and conditions before signing an agreement. The clearer the lease agreement is, the more responsible the lessor you get. It secures less possible trouble for a lessee. It is great if the lessor takes 100 percent responsibility for servicing the premises, ensuring security, delivering quality internet, etc. It is important that the terms of the lease agreement are clear and fully in line with the needs and possibilities of a renter.

Parking lots and bicycle storage areas also play a very important role choosing the right premise. Cars or bikes are used not only by staff but it is also relevant that clients and business partners can easily reach you as well. Make sure to ensure simple and safe car parking for anyone who can make your business reach new heights.

Some landlords may be able to satisfy your personal needs. This may turn into a great advantage: it can reduce time resources, better express and communicate your brand values to potential customers or partners, create cozy environment to work in or even motivate your employees to
deliver better results.

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